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meanwhilebackinthedungeon:   the old well

You folks really like this one….

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Universal from Nina Hynes on Myspace.
(i’m a little mad i had to get this from myspace, but the song is lovely so it’s worth it)

a twice kind of morning.

Angel Haze - Battle Cry ft. Sia … powerful video.  t/w for self-harm and sexual assault.

this dress is so awesome i can’t describe it.


Nadja Bender Fronts Anne Sofie Madsen’s S/S 2013 Campaign by Jens Langkjaer

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kelis / rumble

johnny weir is precious. #sochi2014.  daily mail says he was inspired by caesar flickerman? love it. 

coldest girl in cold town by holly black:  yes, if you like YA and don’t hate vampires.

the goldfinch by donna tartt:  yes, if you can handle almost a thousand pages because the payoff is exquisite.

throne of the crescent moon by saladin ahmed:  yes, if you like pretty straightforward fantasy in a not straightforward setting.

the way of kings by brandon sanderson:  no,  just no.

still love this song.  cat power, manhattan.

Photo caption reads:  A three-month-old Sumatran tiger cub named “Bandar” is understandably pissed after being dunked in the tiger exhibit moat for a “swim reliability test” at the National Zoo in Washington on Wednesday. Poor poor Bandar. Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta via AP
Spotted at Gawker.